Another positive note of Revlon’s Colorstay is the internal structure of the container

It prevents the product from sticking to the glass, thus avoiding the waste resulting from this phenomenon.

A small negative note, according to some consumers, is the hole from which the foundation comes out, considered excessively large. So try to press slowly to use only small quantities.

For oily skin

All cosmetics have an INCI, a list of ingredients used by the manufacturer with their respective scientific nomenclatures. Why is it important to analyze it? To understand what you are going to spread on your face and therefore avoid allergic reactions or, for those more sensitive to environmental issues, consider whether or not to purchase a product that uses silicones and parabens.

The Colorstay INCI, being a product aimed at the general public with an extremely low price, is certainly not the best, however there are cosmetics with much worse INCI. It can therefore be considered a good foundation with a fair quality / price ratio.

What needs to be assessed is the absence of oils in the INCI. This shows how it is a product aimed at users who have oily or semi-oily skin, which is already perfectly hydrated. Those with dry skin should consider a different foundation since Colorstay could further dry it, giving it a dull and aged appearance.

If, on the other hand, imperfections or redness are present on your face, you will need to pay attention to both the consistency and the properties of the product. The powder foundations are particularly suitable for those who do not have big defects to correct, are applied with special brushes called kabuki and can be more or less bright depending on the composition.

In this category you will find some of the most opaque products, ideal if you have inflamed spots or pimples to hide. The compact funds have spread in recent years and are especially popular for their ease of application, similar to that of a compact face powder, and because they have an average longer hold during the day.

ichy Dermablend Correction Foundation, 35 Sand, 30 ml If you have very sensitive skin and you never know which foundation to buy because you fear redness and irritation, we recommend this Vichy product . It is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free, therefore it is easily tolerated by even the most reactive skin.

It is liked because in comparison with other funds it remains on the face for a long time and comes close to respecting the 16-hour hold of the manufacturer, but above all it does not dry out the skin and is pleasant to wear. There are only five shades available and this is the real flaw of this cosmetic, so we recommend you to be careful in choosing if you have a very light or very dark skin tone. However, it has the quality of spreading easily and compensates for the poor choice of colors with the fluidity in the application, which helps to make it uniform to the complexion. Vichy Dermablend has received most of the positive opinions from users. Here are the advantages it offers, along with a small flaw that has been encountered. ProsSensitive skin:A product formulated for those who have delicate skin, subject to irritation. The good news is that this foundation is fragrance-free and does not clog pores, on the contrary it lets the skin breathe.Natural effect:This foundation does not dry out the skin and offers a natural covering effect, without the risk of the unaesthetic mask effect.Estate:Users report that the estate is truly amazing. They are 16 hours, even on hot days and, in addition, the sunscreen is 35. ConsHue:You have only 5 shades to scatter, a value lower than the average of these cosmetics. Buy on (€ 17.78)