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Think chat, mobile messaging, texting, and Facebook apps are going to kill email? That Nenni. The number of electronic mail users around the world has been steadily increasing year by year. In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent every day. By 2019, that figure had risen to nearly 294 billion. And by 2023, according to Statistica estimates , we’ll be sending over 347 billion messages a day.

It is therefore clear that electronic mail is still a major communication tool. If you want to go beyond the free email offers, have a business email address and some level of control over your business email communications, then you will need to register with an email hosting provider.

In this article, we introduce you to a number of great email hosting providers that specialize in email. Next, we’ll introduce you to a few web hosts that also offer solid email hosting packages, in case you want to contract web hosting and email with the same provider

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Traditional email hosting providers

Here are some of the major email hosting providers. It’s no surprise that we’re starting with Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 and Exchange solutions. But these are not the only ones. Other options are possible if you don’t want to live entirely in the Microsoft or Google ecosystem.

What Is a Headless Server?

Google’s G Suite, the enterprise-level Gmail

G Suite has an enterprise-grade Gmail management interface with Google Docs, Hangouts, and – depending on the subscription you choose – a ton of online storage in Google Drive.

Pricing is much easier to understand with G Suite than with Office 365. Microsoft offers a wide variety of plans and options that also fit into its other license pricing structures. Gmail offers you three simple choices: € 5.20 per month, € 10.40 per month or € 23 per month per user, depending on the features you want.

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I have personally purchased a five user subscription for years, and have never regretted it. Here’s a specific tip: If you want help from Google, get a G Suite subscription. As a G Suite customer, I was very satisfied with the level of support provided.

Your domain name: yes.

Mailbox size: 30 GB, 1 TB and unlimited.

Protection against spam and viruses: yes.

Alias: yes.

24/7 support: chat, ticket or phone.

Archiving and storage: depending on subscription.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium, all Office plus email

Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 because … why not? Microsoft is doing everything it can to confuse people with its rebranding. It’s like it’s a hobby or something

That said, Microsoft 365 is all Office desktop apps, all Office online apps, Microsoft Teams, all the benefits of Exchange, calendar, mobile apps, and more. I also have a Microsoft 365 subscription, mainly for Office apps. That said, you can’t go wrong with Office, uh, Microsoft 365. And if you love your Outlook email client, you’ll feel right at home with Microsoft 365.

Your domain name: yes.

Mailbox size: 50 GB and more.

Protection against spam and viruses: yes.

Alias: yes.

24/7 support: by chat, ticket or phone.

Archiving and storage: depending on subscription.

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