Look with red shoes: how to combine them

look with red shoes

Red shoes are one of the most daring and sensual that a woman can have. A sign of confidence and courage, the red shoes provide the glamor that women passionate about fashion seek so much.

This year the red shoes are worn a lot, so buying some will be a success. However, it may seem difficult to combine them according to what clothes. But the truth is that, although getting this look right requires a little attention, there are many possible combinations.

In this article we give you five look ideas with red shoes with which you will surely succeed. You will see how it is not so difficult to combine your red shoes with different garments and use them on a variety of occasions.

1. Casual look: red shoes and jeans

red shoes with jeansIf you want to wear your red shoes for day to day or for informal meetings, you are in luck because there is no problem. Combine red shoes with jeans is a guaranteed success. No matter the type of jeans: skinny, with holes, rolled up, light or dark. Now, if the jeans are a dark hue, the combination with red shoes will stand out even more.

This look with red shoes and jeans looks great with a white shirt and a blazer or a leather jacket. As for the type of red shoe, you can choose between low-heeled shoes, ankle boots or sandals, depending on the time of year or what best suits your style.

It is an ideal look to attend an informal dinner where you want to show off but without dressing yourself excessively. Red shoes will add style to your look and you can combine them with the jeans that you like the most.

2. Romantic look: red shoes with a polka dot or printed skirt

red shoes with printed skirtRed shoes are a great choice if you want to wear a romantic look with a pin-up touch . To do this, you can choose a black and white polka dot dress, or a mid-rise printed skirt, and combine it with a plain blouse in a neutral hue. Thus, red shoes will break with that neutrality and will add a fun and sophisticated touch to the outfit.

The look with red shoes and a moles skirt can seem very daring and, certainly, it is a combination that manages to attract attention, but it is not at all garish. It is a very romantic look that can serve you both for events that require a certain elegance, such as going for a walk or attending a party with friends and family. The most suitable type of red shoes for this look are the classic heels, although the height and the shape of the heel are at your discretion.

3. Evening look: red shoes with total black

red shoes with total blackThe most popular look when we want to wear red shoes is, without a doubt, total black . It is about choosing totally black clothes so that all the attention is taken by the shoes. In addition, it adapts to a wide variety of styles, from the most classic and masculine , with black pants and a matching blazer or jacket, to the most sensual and festive , such as a tight black dress, going through more loose and vaporous black dresses. Be that as it may, when dressed in black, all eyes will be on the feet.

This look with red shoes is ideal for parties and evening events . With it you will be very elegant and stand out without having to wear too sophisticated or striking garments. The most suitable red shoes will depend on the clothing you have chosen and the event you attend. Both red ankle boots, which are so fashionable nowadays, can serve as well as red and shiny high-heeled shoes.

4. Office look: red shoes with suit in nude

office look red shoesRed shoes also combine perfectly with garments in nude shades, such as beige, cream, pale pink and even with gray or earth shades. The contrast that the red shoes will give to the look will be powerful and groundbreaking. If you are going to the office in a suit, this is a combination that you will love, because it looks very feminine while transmitting professionalism and good taste. With this look you will feel unstoppable and demonstrate personality.

Of course, white also feels great with red shoes, so don’t hesitate to wear your red shoes with a white formal dress.

5. Daring look: red shoes with animal print

animal print and red shoesIf you are not afraid of anything and you want to bring out your wildest side , your best bet will be to combine red shoes with animal print garments. The animal print, whether on a dress, a skirt or a pair of pants, looks great with ankle boots and red shoes. You can combine it with a black blouse and a long coat.

This is a look with red shoes ideal for fashionistas who want to stand out wherever they go. Therefore, if you attend any party with this look, you will cause a sensation and demonstrate that you are the queen of styling.