Outfit with women’s Oxford shoes: 5 ideas

look with women’s oxford shoes

Within current women’s fashion, the trend of incorporating masculine elements is increasingly common, especially when it comes to incorporating women’s Oxford shoes . In this article we will give you five ideas of looks with Oxford shoes that will allow you to look sophisticated and elegant.

In the female shoemaker there are many different options. It is advisable to get at least a pair of shoes of each type in order to adapt to each circumstance and have varied looks for all kinds of occasions . Boots, ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, sandals and trainers cannot be missing. But many women forget to incorporate women’s Oxford shoes . In some cases it is due to doubts about whether they can be combined with their clothing. In others, because they see them as excessively masculine.

However, it is only necessary to visit the profiles of the influencers of the moment. You will immediately notice that women’s Oxford shoes are in fashion , and they also feel great. The question is to combine them correctly and with style, and for that we are going to propose five look ideas with Oxford shoes.

1. Boho look with Oxford shoes

boho look with oxford shoesIt may seem contradictory, but there is nothing more trendy than combining a boho dress with Oxford shoes. Combine your floral or ethnic dress with a women’s Oxford in soft tones, such as pink or beige. If you are more daring, this look will also look great with burgundy colored Oxford. For the boho style, avoid patent leather Oxford shoes, black or brown, and opt for light shades.

Another possibility is to wear your Oxford with leggings that are the same color as the shoes, and that allow you to show your ankles. Upstairs you can wear an oversized wool sweater or a cardigan that contrasts with the tonality of your shoes, and a long coat. This look perfectly combines the femininity of the garments with the sophistication of the footwear, you will look phenomenal.

2. Stylish look with Oxford shoes

elegant look with oxford shoesWithout a doubt, this is the look that looks more masculine, however the accessories you use will add the feminine and delicate touch you want. You can use your Oxford shoes with black clip pants , and combine them with a white blouse and a blazer or jacket with a more vivid tone, although if you are looking for discretion, go for neutral tones, such as a gray coat lead or black.

On the other hand, if you like to look elegant but you are daring, your Oxford shoes will combine perfectly with leather leggings , a pastel shades sweater and a large cardigan. This look will be ideal to wear to the office and impress at work meetings.

3. Navy look with Oxford shoes

navy look with oxford shoesThe navy or sailor look never goes out of style, and it also combines perfectly with formal style flat shoes, such as Oxford shoes. If it is winter, the straight pants that show the ankle will look great next to your Oxford in shades of blue or beige, and of course, a sweater with white and navy lines . Another option, a little more discreet, is to wear tight blue jeans and combine them with a white t-shirt.

In summer the possibilities are expanded, and you can wear your white pants with some Oxford or Bluchers in navy blue, light blue, pink or beige. The blue blouses will look great with this look, which you can complete with a hat and a summer-style bag.

4. Casual look with Oxford shoes

casual look with Oxford shoesAlthough Oxford shoes are naturally elegant, you can combine them with a more casual look. So you can break with sobriety and create a set full of personality and style. For example, try combining your black or brown Oxford shoes with jeans and a plaid shirt . Combine it with sunglasses and a large bag, and let your mane fly in the wind.

Another possibility that works very well is to combine your metallic or two-tone Oxford with wide pants , and wear a casual style shirt or a simple blouse , accompanied by a long blazer, a cardigan or a large coat. Add details such as a scarf or a bright necklace, and ready to go out to succeed.

5. Feminine look with Oxford shoes

feminine look with oxford shoesAll the looks mentioned so far are feminine, yes. But the one that comes next is surely the one that stands out for its delicacy. It is about combining a pleated, pleated or A-shaped miniskirt and  fully opaque long stockings , which will leave a small portion of your thighs in plain sight. This look could seem a little boyish, if it were not for the touch of sophistication that Oxford shoes bring. Thus, it goes directly to be considered a sensual, feminine and very flattering look. Combine it with a gray-colored sweater or a dark blazer to match the shirt, and rest assured that you will be the focus of all eyes. And for good.