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Focus on information content

Sometimes, the space on the market exists because, even if the product is already offered by others, the information contents are lacking. By taking advantage of this opportunity and doing the necessary research, you may be able to manage an ecommerce successfully making it an important information resource for the public.

Of course, the information will also be available elsewhere, but you could present it in a clear and useful way for visitors. In this type of operation, it is essential to follow the best practices for SEO , which allows you to generate traffic even in very competitive sectors.

Focusing on information content is the simplest solution to carve out a space on the market. No exorbitant investments are needed. And, if you opt for this solution, the value of your company will no longer be represented only by products and customers, but also by contents.

Error # 3: be dispersive in the choice of products

frequent mistakes in managing an ecommerce being dispersive with products

Often, in an attempt to increase the revenue of an ecommerce store, the products on sale are increased .

The possible mistake is being dispersive, creating an assortment of uneven products. Worse still, you may end up selling unsuitable items for your brand.

In these cases, sales from paid traffic may not be directly affected; but it becomes difficult to target a specific target or be able to increase visibility among organic search results.

This is a mistake related more to branding than to investment itself. Still, the choices about building the brand  are as important as those about investing. After all, it is the strength of the brand that determines the value of a company.

Error # 4: don’t have a content strategy

frequent mistakes in managing an ecommerce not having a content strategy

Leaving content marketing almost completely  is another mistake that many make in managing an ecommerce, with the consequence of making it difficult to increase the traffic coming from search results and social media.

It is difficult to write content for a boring sector.

The problem is that, especially in relation to some types of product, it is difficult to imagine writing content that could arouse interest in the public. For example, if we were selling ecological bags, the argument could seem insignificant.

Do content marketing around customers

In reality, the key is to do content marketing around customers and not around the product.

Continuing in the same example as before, which type of person is potentially interested in ecological bags? An environmentally conscious person, right? This person is also likely to eat healthy, train and do yoga, thinking about their natural well-being. These are all initial insights, but a little research will confirm them.

If you build your content marketing strategy around an ideal customer rather than a product, you will have many more topics to write about and many more ways to connect with the audience.

Even if yours was a technical sector and you managed to write 50-100 articles only on the nuances of your product, it would be details in themselves. Instead, to make your efforts productive, you need to create a harmony with your customers that extends beyond the scope of products.

Error # 5: don’t think deeply about gifts

frequent mistakes in managing an ecommerce not having a strategy for free products

Some companies that offer free products are very successful. And, in running an ecommerce, you will probably also consider such an opportunity.

Giveaways, competitions and offers can be an effective way to market products, but they are not suitable for every sector. Complimentary samples usually work in the case of perishable or consumable products: skin care, food, supplements, etc. On the contrary, it is unlikely that this mechanism will work for all other products, even if it is something that people could go back to buying, like a piece of clothing.

In fact, the free samples are not gimmicks to promote sales, but to help build the brand . And to build a brand you need a specific plan.

Error # 6: organize a contest without a specific plan

frequent mistakes in managing an ecommerce not having a strategy for contests

In managing an ecommerce, it is normal to always look for new methods to market your business. One of these methods is to organize contests, perhaps with the help of a blogger, to get links and shares on social networks, new followers and newsletter subscribers .

If you could double or triple your followers in exchange for a prize such as a gift certificate, the competition may appear to be a real success.

But be careful: it could be only a temporary or apparent success. Especially if you have already made the mistake number 4 and you have not planned the creation of content to continue to cultivate the relationship with your audience.

After the momentary attention aroused by the contest and after the efforts made on Facebook and Twitter, the public could forget about you.

The trick with social media is to engage your followers from the start. Look for content to share every day. Publish your content regularly. Start conversations and make yourself useful.

In short, don’t just plan the contest, but make sure you have a precise plan to apply later. In fact, the plan may end up being much more important than the contest itself.

What is a cloud infrastructure?

The term cloud infrastructure is used to describe those elements necessary for cloud computing , including the hardware system, the extracted resources, the storage and the network resources. Think of cloud infrastructure as a necessary set of tools to design a cloud; therefore, you need it to host cloud services and applications.

The virtualization technology is used to extract resources from the hardware system physical and group them in the clouds, while software automation tools and management allocate these resources and implement new environments so that users can access what they need, when they need it.

The term cloud infrastructure is also used to describe a complete cloud computing system, once all the pieces are combined. Just as the term “IT infrastructure” is used to describe various technologies that, taken together, function as the basis for various computer systems in a company,

The term “cloud infrastructure” can also be used to describe technologies that, when designed together, serve as the foundation for executing operations in a cloud environment. It is a typical example of something that becomes more important than the sum of its parts.

Therefore, for the cloud infrastructure to work, all of this technology must be enabled. And that depends on the operating system , which is probably the most ignored technology of all.

Learn about the products to design a cloud infrastructure

What does the cloud infrastructure include?

The cloud infrastructure is made up of several elements, integrated together into a single architecture that supports business operations. A typical solution may consist of hardware, virtualization, storage, and network elements.

Elements of cloud infrastructure


Although it is common to think that clouds are totally virtual, they need to have hardware systems as part of the infrastructure.

A cloud network consists of several physical hardware systems that can be located in different geographic locations.

The hardware system includes network equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls, and load balancers; storage matrices; devices for backups and servers.

Virtualization connects servers, and divides and extracts resources so that users can access them.


Virtualization is a technology that separates IT functions and services from the hardware system.

The software system called hypervisor controls the physical hardware system and extracts resources from the machine, such as memory, computing power, and storage.

Once these virtual resources are assigned to centralized groups, they are considered clouds.

These provide you with certain benefits, such as self-service access, automated infrastructure expansion, and dynamic resource pooling.


Within a single data center, data can be stored on multiple disks in a single storage array. Storage management ensures adequate backup of data, regular removal of outdated backups, and indexing of data so that it can be recovered in the event of any storage failure.

Thanks to virtualization, storage space is removed from hardware systems so that users can access it as cloud storage .

When storage becomes a cloud resource, you can add or remove drives, reuse hardware, and respond to changes without manually adding storage servers for each new initiative.


A network consists of physical cables, switches, routers, and other equipment. Virtual networks are created based on these physical resources.

A traditional cloud network configuration consists of multiple subnets, each with different levels of visibility. The cloud enables you to create virtual local area networks (VLANs) and assign static or dynamic addresses, as needed, for all resources on the network.

Users obtain resources from the cloud over a network, such as the Internet or an Intranet, allowing them to access cloud applications or services remotely, as needed.

Look with red shoes: how to combine them

look with red shoes

Red shoes are one of the most daring and sensual that a woman can have. A sign of confidence and courage, the red shoes provide the glamor that women passionate about fashion seek so much.

This year the red shoes are worn a lot, so buying some will be a success. However, it may seem difficult to combine them according to what clothes. But the truth is that, although getting this look right requires a little attention, there are many possible combinations.

In this article we give you five look ideas with red shoes with which you will surely succeed. You will see how it is not so difficult to combine your red shoes with different garments and use them on a variety of occasions.

1. Casual look: red shoes and jeans

red shoes with jeansIf you want to wear your red shoes for day to day or for informal meetings, you are in luck because there is no problem. Combine red shoes with jeans is a guaranteed success. No matter the type of jeans: skinny, with holes, rolled up, light or dark. Now, if the jeans are a dark hue, the combination with red shoes will stand out even more.

This look with red shoes and jeans looks great with a white shirt and a blazer or a leather jacket. As for the type of red shoe, you can choose between low-heeled shoes, ankle boots or sandals, depending on the time of year or what best suits your style.

It is an ideal look to attend an informal dinner where you want to show off but without dressing yourself excessively. Red shoes will add style to your look and you can combine them with the jeans that you like the most.

2. Romantic look: red shoes with a polka dot or printed skirt

red shoes with printed skirtRed shoes are a great choice if you want to wear a romantic look with a pin-up touch . To do this, you can choose a black and white polka dot dress, or a mid-rise printed skirt, and combine it with a plain blouse in a neutral hue. Thus, red shoes will break with that neutrality and will add a fun and sophisticated touch to the outfit.

The look with red shoes and a moles skirt can seem very daring and, certainly, it is a combination that manages to attract attention, but it is not at all garish. It is a very romantic look that can serve you both for events that require a certain elegance, such as going for a walk or attending a party with friends and family. The most suitable type of red shoes for this look are the classic heels, although the height and the shape of the heel are at your discretion.

3. Evening look: red shoes with total black

red shoes with total blackThe most popular look when we want to wear red shoes is, without a doubt, total black . It is about choosing totally black clothes so that all the attention is taken by the shoes. In addition, it adapts to a wide variety of styles, from the most classic and masculine , with black pants and a matching blazer or jacket, to the most sensual and festive , such as a tight black dress, going through more loose and vaporous black dresses. Be that as it may, when dressed in black, all eyes will be on the feet.

This look with red shoes is ideal for parties and evening events . With it you will be very elegant and stand out without having to wear too sophisticated or striking garments. The most suitable red shoes will depend on the clothing you have chosen and the event you attend. Both red ankle boots, which are so fashionable nowadays, can serve as well as red and shiny high-heeled shoes.

4. Office look: red shoes with suit in nude

office look red shoesRed shoes also combine perfectly with garments in nude shades, such as beige, cream, pale pink and even with gray or earth shades. The contrast that the red shoes will give to the look will be powerful and groundbreaking. If you are going to the office in a suit, this is a combination that you will love, because it looks very feminine while transmitting professionalism and good taste. With this look you will feel unstoppable and demonstrate personality.

Of course, white also feels great with red shoes, so don’t hesitate to wear your red shoes with a white formal dress.

5. Daring look: red shoes with animal print

animal print and red shoesIf you are not afraid of anything and you want to bring out your wildest side , your best bet will be to combine red shoes with animal print garments. The animal print, whether on a dress, a skirt or a pair of pants, looks great with ankle boots and red shoes. You can combine it with a black blouse and a long coat.

This is a look with red shoes ideal for fashionistas who want to stand out wherever they go. Therefore, if you attend any party with this look, you will cause a sensation and demonstrate that you are the queen of styling.

Outfit with women’s Oxford shoes: 5 ideas

look with women’s oxford shoes

Within current women’s fashion, the trend of incorporating masculine elements is increasingly common, especially when it comes to incorporating women’s Oxford shoes . In this article we will give you five ideas of looks with Oxford shoes that will allow you to look sophisticated and elegant.

In the female shoemaker there are many different options. It is advisable to get at least a pair of shoes of each type in order to adapt to each circumstance and have varied looks for all kinds of occasions . Boots, ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, sandals and trainers cannot be missing. But many women forget to incorporate women’s Oxford shoes . In some cases it is due to doubts about whether they can be combined with their clothing. In others, because they see them as excessively masculine.

However, it is only necessary to visit the profiles of the influencers of the moment. You will immediately notice that women’s Oxford shoes are in fashion , and they also feel great. The question is to combine them correctly and with style, and for that we are going to propose five look ideas with Oxford shoes.

1. Boho look with Oxford shoes

boho look with oxford shoesIt may seem contradictory, but there is nothing more trendy than combining a boho dress with Oxford shoes. Combine your floral or ethnic dress with a women’s Oxford in soft tones, such as pink or beige. If you are more daring, this look will also look great with burgundy colored Oxford. For the boho style, avoid patent leather Oxford shoes, black or brown, and opt for light shades.

Another possibility is to wear your Oxford with leggings that are the same color as the shoes, and that allow you to show your ankles. Upstairs you can wear an oversized wool sweater or a cardigan that contrasts with the tonality of your shoes, and a long coat. This look perfectly combines the femininity of the garments with the sophistication of the footwear, you will look phenomenal.

2. Stylish look with Oxford shoes

elegant look with oxford shoesWithout a doubt, this is the look that looks more masculine, however the accessories you use will add the feminine and delicate touch you want. You can use your Oxford shoes with black clip pants , and combine them with a white blouse and a blazer or jacket with a more vivid tone, although if you are looking for discretion, go for neutral tones, such as a gray coat lead or black.

On the other hand, if you like to look elegant but you are daring, your Oxford shoes will combine perfectly with leather leggings , a pastel shades sweater and a large cardigan. This look will be ideal to wear to the office and impress at work meetings.

3. Navy look with Oxford shoes

navy look with oxford shoesThe navy or sailor look never goes out of style, and it also combines perfectly with formal style flat shoes, such as Oxford shoes. If it is winter, the straight pants that show the ankle will look great next to your Oxford in shades of blue or beige, and of course, a sweater with white and navy lines . Another option, a little more discreet, is to wear tight blue jeans and combine them with a white t-shirt.

In summer the possibilities are expanded, and you can wear your white pants with some Oxford or Bluchers in navy blue, light blue, pink or beige. The blue blouses will look great with this look, which you can complete with a hat and a summer-style bag.

4. Casual look with Oxford shoes

casual look with Oxford shoesAlthough Oxford shoes are naturally elegant, you can combine them with a more casual look. So you can break with sobriety and create a set full of personality and style. For example, try combining your black or brown Oxford shoes with jeans and a plaid shirt . Combine it with sunglasses and a large bag, and let your mane fly in the wind.

Another possibility that works very well is to combine your metallic or two-tone Oxford with wide pants , and wear a casual style shirt or a simple blouse , accompanied by a long blazer, a cardigan or a large coat. Add details such as a scarf or a bright necklace, and ready to go out to succeed.

5. Feminine look with Oxford shoes

feminine look with oxford shoesAll the looks mentioned so far are feminine, yes. But the one that comes next is surely the one that stands out for its delicacy. It is about combining a pleated, pleated or A-shaped miniskirt and  fully opaque long stockings , which will leave a small portion of your thighs in plain sight. This look could seem a little boyish, if it were not for the touch of sophistication that Oxford shoes bring. Thus, it goes directly to be considered a sensual, feminine and very flattering look. Combine it with a gray-colored sweater or a dark blazer to match the shirt, and rest assured that you will be the focus of all eyes. And for good.