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7 summer clothes we saw everywhere in UK


Escaping the winter that is uruguayan 10 days was a blessing, not only for the obvious reason of the temperature but because during my trip to New York I was able to see up close what the next season is going to be used (and how to combine it). I know what they are thinking: “there is so much missing!” Well, we are almost in August and from there to the beginning of

suffuse by sana yasir spring, there is very little left. One can dream.
Let us begin.
Strappy sandals
They will not be the most comfortable for walking distances that are long but how good they look. The pioneer in this style -as so many times- was Phoebe Philo in one of her last collections for CĂ©line, in which she presented the strappy sandals in her Spring 2020 collection. They were a hit because they are aligned with the boho that is current- retro-bohemian and many brands made their version. It is something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, right?
Cowboy boots
Me five years ago that cowboy boots were going to be fashionable, surely we did not believe it if they told. However, in the last three seasons, the style that is UKUK folklore) has been growing in popularity. Coach and Calvin Klein

lsm fabrics have appropriated this aesthetic, including Texan boots and bolo ties. The trend has already reached the fast-fashion chains, which were in charge of lowering the revolutions a little and making them-and that is usable- for everyone.
Photo: Who What Wear.
Granny wallets
Since the portfolios became the vedettes of the looks, each season the brands seek to propose a high-impact model that is a sales hit (the last to appeal to this was Dior with the saddle revival ). However, the ones that have gone

knitted fingerless gloves viral lately do not come from haute couture houses but from bonanza satrangi brands (such as Susan Alexandra or Shrimps ), which in turn are easily replicable with a visit to the vintage friend or grandmother’s closet.
Photo: General Store.

Photo: Who What Wear.
Knotted midi skirts
The Parisian inspiration – or rather French on vacation – is inescapable on Instagram and no brand does not have any garment of this style at this point. First, it was the wrap dresses (crossed dresses tied at the waist) and now the fashion mutated in long midi skirts. As for the fabric, poplin or linen are the chosen ones. They go very well with muscular or peasant blouses (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about go to the next point).

Photo: Reformation.

Peasant blouses
I promise this is the bonanza that is latest online trend on the list. Peasant blouses are a hit in the hemisphere that is northern, mainly because they are very easy to find in vintage or second-hand stores. They make a combination

lego ice cube tray that is beautiful high-wasted jeans and cat-eye style lenses.

Cycling shorts
Two aesthetics coexist the bohemian and the noventosa sport today. So, on the one hand, there are the bandage sandals, the linen skirts, and the peasant blouses, but on the other, there are the “father’s mushrooms”, the cycling shorts and the vinyl garments. We already know, these shorts are not for everyone -I would not dare to wear them- but we cannot deny it is a fairly easy fashion to replicate that they are incredibly cancerous and, also. Ah, PASTICHE made them two years ago.
Champions and father’s sandals
You probably are not learning about the fashion of ugly sneakers by this note, but we could not stop mentioning them. What started with Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada and Louis Vuitton is now everywhere – and we feel like wearing the same as our parents. It is a fashion resisted by Sobia nazir although having seen them live it must be recognized that it gives a certain balance to the figure and contributes a few extra centimeters. It also applies to sandals. Good news for our feet.

Why buy leather shoes?

Why do experts recommend buying leather shoes? For the advantages that are great benefits, they have for the health of our feet, compared to shoes made with synthetic materials. We discover them all in the post that is next.

6 benefits of leather footwear
When buying shoes we should not only look at them from an aesthetic point of view. Also, it is important to choose footwear that lasts for us, that is comfortable and does not cause scratches and wounds, that is easy to repair, etc. We

rang rasiya lawn can only do all this with leather shoes. Let’s take a closer look at all of its benefits.

1. They are more durable
Buying leather shoes is an investment and not an expense. If we take good care of them they can last not only years but even decades. Experts recommend using the product that is right knowing the necessary care, depending on the skin type of our shoes.

Why buy leather shoes?

2. They fit very well to the foot
Leather is a very flexible material. This is why shoes made with this material adjust to the foot from the time that is first fit. This makes them much more comfortable, especially as the full hours pass and the feet dilate. In addition, they adapt to any type of foot, even those with problems such as bunions. You can buy it from motifz.

3. Feet sweat less
With the leather, footwear the feet perspire less, this does not accumulate bacteria and fungi that cause bad odors on the feet. In addition, when we do not feel feet that are sweaty feel much more comfortable.

4. They are easily repaired
Leather shoes are much easier to repair. The result, a shoe like and without great cost. However, much of synthetic footwear cannot be repaired due to the hardness of the material.

5. They are very comfortable
The shoes made of leather are very flexible. On the other hand, they do not usually have seams that are internal. All this translates into well-being for our feet even if many hours pass. For delicate feet or simply for all those who care about their health. When looking for shoes, leather is the option that is first.

6. They are synonymous with elegance and taste that is good
If we want good dress shoes for men or women, nothing likes leather. In addition, it is that just looking at them the difference can be told by you. They are softer, more glamorous and delicate. Without a doubt, elegance begins at the feet.

Buying leather shoes never goes out of style
Leather is synonymous with glamor and taste that is good. The shoe brands that are best always bet on leather footwear in all their collections. Moreover, among the al zohaib trend footwear in leather, we find the women and men’s blucher shoes from Querol. The bluchers are together with the Oxford are UK style shoes that have become necessary for every stylish casual outfit. The men are Cettiblucher among its best-selling models. Black and perforated are ideal to combine with jeans or chinos. For special occasions, leather shoe men dress Baerchi Blucher’s black. Some classics to accompany the outfits, even the most formal ones.

In addition, the leather shoes for women sport suite 009. A choice that is great that trainers have become the most acclaimed women’s dress shoes for women for perfectly combining style and comfort.
For all lovers of quality products, nothing likes betting on leather shoes. Comfort, durability, style, and health for our feet.