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We went to Lisbon to participate in the Web Summit 2019, an event that brought together some of the most important tech companies in the world. We came back with different teachings and a lot of inspiration. Here’s what we found out!

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The Web Summit is one of the major world events in technology, business and innovation. Two members of the WAM team were among over 70,000 participants from more than 160 countries. Wanting to be always updated on the news of the technology industry, we could not miss.

The event took place in Lisbon from 4 to 7 November: this is where we went to find out the latest updates in the technological field and meet the world’s leading networking experts.

Every day we have attended various talks, workshops, and listened to different companies to present their projects. Among the most famous and interesting speakers, we had the opportunity to listen to Edward Snowden, former NSA analyst, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, Gilliand Tans, president of Booking.com and Devin Weng, CEO of eBay.

It has been a full immersion in the tech world and has given us the opportunity to see how different companies apply it in their respective organizations. Participation in the Web Summit has undoubtedly proved to be a source of inspiration and new ideas.

What was a trending topic at the Web Summit 2019?

Technology and innovation were the real big stars of the event. However, we have identified other recurring themes that have emerged during the talks and workshops.

The combined potential of Artificial Intelligence and 5G networks was one of the topics most discussed by the speakers. However, there was also time to tackle other problems, such as ethics in data management, usability in web development or User Experience. Cryptocurrencies also had their moment of fame but we will talk about it in a later article.

web summit Lisbon talk on artificial intelligence

What are the latest innovations in artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence was one of the most touched topics at the 2019 Lisbon Web Summit. This growing technological solution will play a fundamental role in the coming years and the speakers have addressed the issue from several points of view: as a tool to combat climate change, for information management or for the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence reaches its true potential when combined with 5G networks. 5G technology opens up new avenues and will make AI increasingly accessible from mobile devices.

5G, which we discussed in detail in our report on tourism trends , is the next generation mobile broadband network, which will allow us to multiply the download speed and the time taken by two devices to communicate with each other.

Guo Ping, CEO of Huawei Rotating, said that 5G networks and AI are ” a turning point ” for information and communications technology. Ping compared their impact with the discovery of electricity.

The combination of these two technologies will allow the User Experience, paired with Artificial Intelligence, to be superior, and will allow wireless devices to fully exploit their potential. Another necessary consequence will be the use of the voice to control the devices. With smarter and faster communicating devices, we will be able to “talk” and interact with them more easily.

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What happens to all the information collected by these devices?

Nowadays the collection of data by connected devices is evident. Everything we do is recorded and archived. Using Artificial Intelligence, organizations will have a greater ability to process and interpret all that data. For this reason, there is an urgent need to establish more responsible data collection systems.

Edward Snowden’s speech at the Web Summit addressed the issue of how governments and companies manage data. From his point of view, laws such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are a start, however he believes that data protection is in itself an error as it assumes that the previous step, i.e. the collection of the data, fair enough. This is why Snowden believes that data collection itself needs a reform.

The conclusion to which the Lisbon Web Summit 2019 leads is that technology is constantly evolving and that, now more than ever, we must learn and update ourselves every day. This type of event allows us to have a global vision, learn from others and be inspired to offer our customers the latest news on the market.