Digital Marketing, what it really is today and why it is the key to the growth of companies

The true meaning of digital marketing lies in the joint use of all available online tools, in the omnichannel approach, in new technologies and in the analysis of customer data. The digital transformation is above all organizational: this is how CMO can orient the company to the customer and obtain successful results 23 Sep 2019 Manuela Gianni.

 It is a simplistic and outdated vision. Without necessarily acquiring the most sophisticated technologies available on the market, each company can derive many advantages from Digital Marketing , which is truly essential for growth, because the purchase paths (customer journeys) are now largely on the Internet, and this it happens in every market, consumer or business-to-business (B2B) . Marketing has become a fundamental building block for digital transformation, the main tool for increasing online salesand also in the store, as well as to increase brand awareness . It is important to clarify what it is. Topic index What is Digital Marketing and why it is important The 5 pillars for doing Digital Marketing The goals of Digital Marketing: customer experience and CRM The 4 phases of Digital Marketing The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for growth What is Digital Marketing and why it is important.

 How to do it concretely? We have to manage the company’s online presence through various online channels, or websites, mobile app and social media, and use of online communication techniques such as search engines, social media marketing , the digital advertising(or online advertising, Internet advertising), e-mail marketing and partnerships with other sites. The goal is to acquire new customers and provide better services to current ones, expanding and strengthening relationships, through CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation . However, for digital marketing to be successful, it is necessary to integrate these online activities with those carried out on more traditional media, such as print media, TV, direct mail, in a multi-channel communication perspective.

In creating a marketing plan, however, it is necessary to establish what is useful to measure, without getting lost in the sea of ​​data, and to implement improvement actions by constantly monitoring the results achieved. POINT OF VIEW: IMPRESOFT WHITE PAPER Find out how to improve marketing processes in 5 steps! events DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER The 5 pillars for doing Digital Marketing Ultimately, digital marketing consists in creating effective relationships between consumers and companies, not only to reach and convince them but also to listen and learn from them, responding to comments and requests. This occurs through different methods, which can be summarized in 5 key elements: 1 Digital device. To interact, users use smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, to access websites and apps 2 Digital platform. Most of the interactions take place via a browser or an app that can be reached from the most well-known platforms and services: Facebook and Instagram, Google and Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin. 3 Digital media. You can use different channels, company or paid, to reach and engage customers, with advertising, e-mails and messages, search engines and social networks.