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Questions about the email that you have always asked yourself (and their answers)

In the Optimize your email webinar ,  the attendees asked us different questions that we now answer in this post. Among them, how to migrate from an Exchange account to a standard account, how to  synchronize accounts and calendars , etc.

If what you want is to receive the same message in several email accounts, the easiest option is to automate the sending of copies of these messages to other mailboxes. With our Webmail, you can do it from the Configuration > Filters > + section and filling in the data with the following information:


Can we migrate the content of an external Exchange account to a standard one?

Mailboxes cannot be easily migrated from one company to another, but we can help you copy the content from your old account to the new one. Exchange accounts can be configured as IMAP and, in this way, we can copy their content to another. Due to the characteristics of the IMAP account, keep in mind that messages can be migrated, but contacts and the calendar cannot.

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If I make any changes to messages (move them, delete them, etc.), is this action reflected in all the devices or Webmail in which my account is configured?

Yes. Like IMAP, all content is synchronized, whether you delete a message or move it, and you will see it the same on all your devices configured as IMAP, including Webmail. It will also work easily in Outlook, except for the sent mailbox, which Outlook has by default configured as “local”. In this case, you will simply have to configure your Outlook to use the Sent tray of the server.

To change the tray Sent by that of Sent (the server), you will, from your Outlook, go to File > Info > Account Settings and double – click the mail account, click on More Settings , go to Elements sent , mark the Sent folder  and OK .

Can you put dates to the filters?

They can be deactivated or activated, but you cannot put dates to the filters. Check the box for Filter Disabled, so that it does not work, and deactivate it, when you want it to work again.


How are contacts, calendar, etc. synchronized?

With standard mail, you can only synchronize messages. But precisely one of the advantages of Exchange mail is that it allows you to synchronize not only email, but also contacts and the calendar.

Is the use of folders from Webmail compatible with the POP3 protocol?

From POP3, you can only download the inbox. To synchronize the other trays, you will have to have your account with IMAP.

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What is the attachment size limit in Webmail?

In our Webmail, the maximum size of each complete message, including an attachment, is 36 MB.

Can the nobody account be an alias?

It must be a real account, but you can create a filter on it, so that it will forward the messages to another address so you don’t have to be checking it.


How to search emails efficiently with Outlook?

If you work with large volumes of emails, we recommend optimizing your email, using the organization rules by trays. Thus, you narrow down searches by tray and it is easier to find the message we are looking for.

Can I create trays to classify sent emails?

For a rule to check a message, it is enough for it to enter the mailbox, so if you copy the messages you send, you can create rules to classify them.

Is the 6GB capacity per account also for Exchange?

Yes, but it should be noted that in Exchange mailboxes we speak of a shared space. That is, each mailbox has 6 GB but if you have two Exchange accounts, you will have 12 GB between the two accounts, and one can have 10 GB and the other. two.

If I put a filter in Webmail, will it work in Mac mail?

Of course, the rules are established on the server, and their result will be reflected in any configured email manager, Mac, Android, Iphone, Outlook …

Do the folders I create in Webmail appear in Outlook?

If in your Outlook you have the account configured as IMAP, you will see the same folders as in Webmail.

How does the download of mail in POP or IMAP work?

If you configure your account as POP, the messages are downloaded to that device, but, for example, in Outlook you can mark that they are not deleted from the server.

Go to File > Information >  Account settings , double-click on the email account and click on More settings> Advanced  and select  Leave a copy of the messages on the server , indicating how many days you want to save them or uncheck the days option , to save everything.

If you configure your account as IMAP, the emails are not downloaded, but you can see them online.

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