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What are Servers and how you should take care of them

It is common, in many companies that I visit, to find common computers, assembled or even from manufacturers like Dell, HP or Lenovo, being used as servers.

If you care about the availability of your company’s services, you should immediately stop using an ordinary computer as a server.

Server vs Computer – Understand the differences

Looking superficially, the normal  mail365 computer and a server look the same. This can generate the perception that is false it is not worth paying a little more for a server, since, in theory, a computer can do everything a server would do. This very serious mistake can bring incalculable losses to your colocation hosting  company.

Now reply to me honestly to the  questions below:

How damage that is much your company have if it could not issue notes for some days?

Can the company be without access to its management system for an entire day?

Does your company work without your employees being able to access your company’s data network?

Is it very likely that your company cannot do without accessing the management system it uses, right? It is likely that at some point your services will be unavailable if you put your systems on a normal computer instead of a server.

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I say this because a computer that is common created for different uses. It is like a duck, that flies, swims and walks, but it does more or less.

A server, on the other hand, is built with availability in mind, that is, it has to work 24 hours a day, 07 days a week.

01 – Computers do not have parts that are redundant

You may be asking what redundant colocation uk parts are. I explain.

Imagine that you need to change it that you have 02 hard drives in your computer and suppose that one of them is defective and. You would have to shut your computer down to change that disk right. This would no longer happen on a server.


Most servers have hot-swap disks, which means that they can be exchanged with the machine on. If this disk is part of a RAID 5 disk array, for example, you can simply remove the disk and no data is lost.

A server colocation has other redundant parts with the  power supply, for example.

Having parts that are redundant essential for the machine to be always available, regardless of the hardware problem it may present.

02 – Servers have more parts that are robust

When a manufacturer designs a computer, he knows that an user that is average use the computer for a maximum of 12 hours a day. That is why it uses components that resist this type of use.

You may even be thinking: “my computer is on directly”. Yes, but most of the right time he’s on, he’s idle. Windows itself puts it to sleep.

A server is working all the  time and never goes to sleep.

The components of a server are designed to last and have a low failure rate. Processors, memories, disks, uk colocation  network cards and many other components are of specific models for use on the server.

03 – Computers have no differentiated warranty

Imagine that you bought a machine at Dell with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and placed it as a server in your company’s management system.

Manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo have a support for mail365 to guarantee their desktops for an average of 24 hours. What does that mean? It means that if a computer from these manufacturers has a  problem, the service will take place within 24 hours

Now understand. I used the  word attendance! The solution to the problem may longer take much!

The question I ask is: can you be without the application you put on this computer for so long? Of course not!

If you buy the best email hosting, you can choose to place an SLA to solve the problem. This ensures that the server manufacturer will resolve the  problem for the machine in question within the period agreed in the warranty SLA.

04 – The performance of a server is always better than that of a computer

A typical computer uses simple components designed to provide excellent performance for a user that is standard.

The problem is that an ordinary machine can only deliver excellent performance to one user. When you start to “server colocation” multiple users, the machine is likely to start slowing down.

With a server well-sized for your needs, this is unlikely to happen.

On a server, I can have high-performance SAS disks, coupled with error-corrected memories, and a host of other components, and designed to deliver performance that is exceptional processing large data loads.

05 – Compatibility with Operating Systems for server

The Windows you use on your machine is not designed to function as a uk colocation server operating system. That is why there are specific systems for this, such as Windows server colocation and others.

These server systems only work on machines that have been approved for use. This ensures that the machine will not have freezing problems or even malfunctions.


Keep in mind that a computer was made for the use of one user at a time and does not have the necessary resources to support large data processing loads.

The price difference between a server that is real a simple computer is not so great that it justifies the risk of using an ordinary computer as a server.