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Steps to create an Email Marketing campaign

In previous articles we analyzed the essential points that must be taken into account to write an effective commercial email : sender, subject, content, call to action and landing page. All these points are very important, but if we want our email or SMS marketing campaign to be successful, we will have to take into account the entire set of factors, from the beginning of the initial planning of the action to the analysis of effectiveness:


List of recipients

  • Content
  • Legal aspects
  • Reports
  • Table of Contents
  • 1 Objective
  • 2 List of recipients
  • 3 Contents
  • 4 Legal aspects

5 Reports


Before starting any marketing campaign, we must have a clear objective of what we want to achieve. It must be precise, achievable and measurable , so that once the campaign is over, we can evaluate to what extent we have achieved the objective or something was not working. Is it an action of sale, information, loyalty, recruitment? How does it relate to other actions and overall marketing goals?

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List of recipients

Is what we are going to communicate interesting for all our clients? Perhaps we should only address a young audience, or a certain geographic area? Once we have set the goal, we can define who are the appropriate recipients for the shipment. If we already have our own customer database, we will decide if it is a communication that should be sent to the entire customer base or if we should apply segmentation . If we only send communications to really interested clients, we will not only be more efficient, but we will not tire the rest of our agenda and they will pay more attention to us when we address them. We can segment both by demographic data (age, sex, location …) and by customer behavior (the products they have contracted, the frequency of purchase, the interest shown in other promotions …).

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In the event that we want to expand our database or do not directly have one, it is convenient to have a subscription form on our website , so that visitors who wish to receive information can sign up to our lists. Said form must have privacy conditions for consultation by subscribers, as well as some type of confirmation measure that the subscriber is the true owner of the email account. These measures are usually of the Opt-in type  (confirmation email to the subscriber notifying the incorporation to the list and an unsubscribe link) or better still double Opt-in (the subscriber receives a first email with a link on which they must click to confirm the registration in the email).

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In a previous article we already explained the main elements that must be taken into account: sender, subject, content, call to action and landing page. To emphasize some important aspects:

Simplicity, clarity, and coherence of the message and the landing page as well as the rest of the communications sent (magazines, advertisements) and the corporate image.

View the mail in the main providers and mail programs and always put a link “If you do not see this mail” … to avoid possible visibility problems for our recipients.

Customize . A personalized communication with user data is more efficient than an impersonal one, especially if the data (such as the customer ID) makes it easier for you to complete the call to action. We can personalize data, but also creativities (for example, show one image or another depending on whether the recipient is male or female).

Experiment . Sometimes we can’t know in advance which creativity is going to work best. It may be advisable to make test shipments with the different options, analyze the results, and make the final shipment with the one that has offered the best results. But we must be careful to modify only one variable at a time (sender, subject, content …) to be sure which one has caused the different behavior. Even factors such as the day and time of delivery must be taken into account, since it is not the same to send an email on a Tuesday than on a Saturday, or we can annoy a customer if we send an SMS at night.

Include the unsubscribe button or explain the necessary instructions to stop receiving these communications .

Legal aspects

Not only is it useless to anger a client who we do not facilitate the unsubscribe from a list, but also the fines for breaching the law on data protection can range from € 600 to € 600,000 depending on the severity of the infringement. Hence the need to clarify to our users the privacy conditions during the subscription, to use Opt-in measures for confirmation, or to include the link or unsubscribe instructions in our communications. In this article, we explain some of the most important considerations for avoiding spam .


If we want to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns in relation to the objective we have set ourselves to achieve, we will need results reports that indicate the number of failed shipments (it may be necessary to eliminate or correct incorrect data), the open rate, and the number clicks on our calls to action. Also visit The Email shop to know about cheap web hosting uk

Tools such as Online Campaigns from allow you to manage email and SMS marketing actions in a few steps and view results reports as well as:

  • Segment the database into differentiated groups (city, sex, age …)
  • Configure subscriptions to services to build or increase our database.
  • Personalize communications with the data of the recipients.
  • Making a shipment tracking , measuring its effectiveness through performance reports.